Statistics and meta-analysis

Statistics, systematic reviews, and meta-analysis are fascinating but also complex tools. Every day, researchers and professionals need to enhance their statistical expertise, both to conduct their own studies as well as to interpret correctly the available evidence. This is a necessary process in order to produce high quality scientific evidence and to make informed decisions in the daily practice. wants to support researchers and professionals in this arduous task: to understand which are the best statistical techniques to address research questions, without getting lost in the ocean of the inevitable difficulties. A number of resources are provided to all users interested in increasing their own expertise.

A special attention is given to systematic reviews with meta-analysis that represent the gold standard for conducting reliable and trustworthy quantitative syntheses of primary studies. Increasingly, researchers from different fields (life sciences, social sciences, etc.) perform and publish systematic reviews with meta-analysis to summarize the available evidence and to offer to professionals, users, policy makers an updated picture of the state-of-the-art on a specific area of study. accompanies the researcher in the realization of systematic reviews with meta-analysis by providing references, instructions, tutorials, and even specific software, useful to produce excellent publications.

About me

My name is Giacomo Scarpellini, and I am a software developer with extensive experience in software development applied to statistics, particularly in meta-analysis.

I served as the lead developer for ProMeta at Internovi until 2015. Since then, my career has taken a new direction in a completely different field. However, my passion for software development remains strong. I continue to create software and provide resources that support the research community, especially in statistics and meta-analysis.

All the material on this website is provided free of charge. The software available here is also free, and I am currently working on new projects and updated versions of meta-analysis software.

Currently, I am completing CIP-Confidence-Interval-Plotter, a software tool for creating forest plots to be used in research articles, including both meta-analyses and primary studies. You will find updates on the development status and executable files for using the software on the website. CIP is open-source and free.

A new version of ProMeta is also in development, but it will take some time. Updates will always be available on the website.

If you are interested in the source code of the software I develop, you can find everything on GitHub: